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renowned as a leader in its business through its relentless quest to exceed its customers’ expectations in quality

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with its vision and insight is its enabler to provide the customers with the right direction that will allow them to take a leading position in their own business.

we can do a lot of stuffs

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Sawa for Plastic Industries always seeks the perfect relationship with both its clients and suppliers; this is achieved by the continual development of the company employees, the right offering of products, the provision of optimal solutions and with our technical team that related to internal policies and procedures in controlling the factory process and quality of services.

Our Vision

We believe in partnership and therefore in close cooperation with our customers; the composition of our machine park and our capable group of technical personnel ensures that we are a very flexible producer: with short machine change-over times and the ability to quickly respond to customer needs.

We believe that our employees are our best asset. We also believe that our employees will determine our future success; to underline this belief, we continuously invest in our personnel through coaching and training.

We offer innovative solutions for each problem and are market leaders in ‘wide-mouth’ PET We strive to consolidate and expand this leading position. It is our aim to continuously improve and to stay amongst GCC area most prominent producers of plastic.



we can do a lot of stuff and designs try our service and enjoy the best


  • Address: Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein Industrial Estate- Sahab
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  • P.O. Box: 533/code: 11910
  • Phone number: Tel + (962-6) 4020989 Fax + (962-6) 4024989